How Do Schools Decide Homecoming Court?

Next to the football game, the election of the homecoming court is the most important homecoming tradition. As part of this ceremony, the previous year’s royalty returns to crown a new group of winners.

What Is Homecoming?

Homecoming is one of the most important high school traditions. This is a time to celebrate school spirit, make new friends, and see alumni return. It’s time to build floats, march in parades, and watch the big game.

Question: How Do Schools Decide Homecoming Court?

If you ask three different schools how they choose their homecoming courts, you’ll probably get three slightly different answers. What is the reason for this difference?

  • It’s not uncommon for schools to choose a homecoming king and queen from among the top runners up.
  • Each class in some schools elects a royal representative.
  • Several runners up are chosen as princesses by some schools, and they are allowed to pick their own escorts.
  • Some schools even choose a king and his court, then let their boys choose their princesses.

Nearly all schools share one tradition, however. Members of the senior class have the privilege of becoming homecoming king and queen.

Who Votes for Homecoming Court?

No matter which pattern a particular school follows, students generally decide who makes the court. The student council can have a significant influence on who makes it into the finals, or only seniors are allowed to vote in the finals. In other schools, the entire student body participates in the decision-making process.

The Homecoming Court Voting Process

This is usually how the voting process goes.


There are a few restrictions on who is eligible for royalty at most schools. This is because the homecoming court is supposed to represent the best and brightest of the school. A few jokesters could easily turn the entire tradition into a complete mockery if the following guidelines weren’t followed.

Here are a few examples:

  • Students who wish to compete must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • Participating students must also have a good disciplinary record.


The petition process kicks off the entire voting process. Anyone who meets the prerequisites listed above can circulate their own petition to make themselves eligible for the first round of voting. It is also possible to circulate petitions on behalf of someone you would like to nominate.

As soon as the designated number of signatures are collected, they are turned in to the school office, where they are checked, and the nominees are compiled.

First Round Voting

Generally, first-round voting narrows the field by including all candidates. During class changes, some schools simply provide ballot sheets with candidates’ names on them.

Some schools allow candidates to campaign by providing a photo and a list of their school activities. It can include membership in the Honor Society, band, choir, sports and anything else that may be relevant. Candidates should demonstrate to everyone why they deserve consideration.

It is typical for the first round of voting to narrow the field to the finalists for the homecoming court.

Final Voting for the Court

The final round of voting determines the court’s order. In descending order, the top vote-getters become kings and queens, and the rest of the court is selected in descending order. Upon revealing the winners, the court is announced in reverse order up to the king and queen.

Announcing the Homecoming Court

It is also up to school tradition where announcements are made. Several schools play out the drama at a pre-game pep rally filled with homecoming festivities, while others wait until half time of the big game to reveal the outcome. Regardless, the winners get a chance to hold court at the homecoming dance that evening.

Understanding the Process of Selecting Homecoming Court

The answer to the question of how schools decide homecoming court is there. You shouldn’t worry too much about the outcome if you decide to run. Even though being chosen is certainly an honor, the entire experience lasts a lifetime. Memories are made of things like this.

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