The first step in forming a group is finding common ground, and you can do this with fun icebreakers for teens. Icebreakers are a great way for teenagers to introduce themselves, especially if they are self-conscious about speaking in front of others.

Top Ten Icebreaker Games and Activities for Teens

The following icebreaker activities for teens can be used as written or adapted according to the number of participants or group theme.

#1 Human Bingo

  1. Put a teen’s name and a question on a pile of note cards.
  2. For each teen, you should make five note cards with five different questions.
  3. Teens can take cards, find the person whose name is on them, and ask a question.
  4. A teen must sign the name of the person on the card when he finds the person on the card. Game winner is the person who completes five cards first.

#2 Teen Interviews

  1. Pair up the teenagers.
  2. Interviews are conducted by each teen in turn.
  3. Once everyone has finished, each teen introduces the person he interviewed.

#3 Two Truths One Lie

Each teen should tell the group two truths and one lie. It is up to the group to decide which statement is false.

#4 What Am I?

As many teens as you have, write an item on a note card. Each person should have a note card taped to their back. Each teen must answer yes or no questions to determine what is on their note card.

#5 Create a Story

Tell a story, but don’t finish it. The next person has to add more to the story, and so on. You’ll have an awkward but funny story by the end of the game.

#6 Common Personality Game

Pass out a sheet of paper with some personality questions on it or write them down on a dry erase board, paper easel, or chalkboard. Teens answer the questions individually and then share their answers with the group.

#7 Most Prized Possessions

Teenagers learn what they value most through this game. If they were deserted on an island, what three things would they bring with them and why?

#8 What Would You Buy?

Tell the teenagers they won a certain amount of money. Each person must tell the group what they would buy with the money.

#9 Balloon Truth or Dare

  1. You can write either a truth or a dare on a piece of paper.
  2. Blow up a balloon with one piece of paper inside.
  3. Choose a balloon, pop it, and do whatever is written on the paper.

#10 Guess the Celebrity

Provide hints about a celebrity to the group. Whoever guesses who it is first wins. Candy can be given out as prizes if you have any.

When to Use Teenage Icebreakers

Icebreakers can be used when teens first meet, or at the beginning of each session. A group can learn more about each other the first time they meet, but it can also bring a group back together after being away for a while, which has caused some disconnection between members. 

Try some teenage mad libs or a list of good yes or no questions to break the ice.

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