Best Medical Courses After 12th Without NEET For A High Salary

Top Medical Courses After 12th Without NEET

Let’s go through some of the Best medical courses without NEET after the 12th class. Here are the details of the Best Paramedical courses after the 12th without NEET.

Name of the CourseDurationAverage Salary p.a. (in INR)
CMLT Course1 year2.6-3.9 Lakh
BMLT Course Lateral Entry3-years5 Lakhs
BRIT Course3 years2 – 5 Lakhs
BSc in Biotechnology3 years4 – 6 Lakhs
DMLT Course2 years2.5 – 5 Lakhs
DRIT Course
2 years

2.5-5 Lakhs
CRIT Course
1 Year

2-3.6 Lakh
Yoga Certificate Course
6 Months

2.4 lakh
Certificate Course in       Community Health
6 Months

2.4 lakh
Certificate in Homeopathy Dispensing
6 Months

2.4 lakh
Certificate Course in  Ayurveda Therapy
6 Months

2.4 lakh
MSc in Radio Imaging Technology
2 years

6-9 Lakh
MSc in Medical Lab Technology
2 years

5-7 Lakh
MSc in Biotechnology
2 years

6-15 Lakh

Eligibility for Medical Courses Without NEET

The student should be qualified for medical school after class 12 without taking the NEET UG exam, prospective medical students must meet several requirements such as:

  • Students must have passed their senior secondary education with a minimum of 50% – 55% to become eligible.
  • Candidates must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as compulsory subjects.
  • In certain universities, students might also need to clear entrance examinations with the required passing marks.

1.  Medical Lab Technology

Medical Lab Technology is a course in which students learn about medical lab techniques and handling medical equipment. MLT is a crucial area of study in the healthcare industry. MLT professionals frequently work in the background yet are critical to patient care, disease monitoring, and diagnosis. MLT professionals are in charge of investigating a range of laboratory tests, estimating samples, and supporting the identification and control of illnesses. Some of the MLT courses that you can pursue are:

  1. CMLT(Certificate in Medical Lab Technology)
  2. DMLT(Diploma in Medical Lab Technology)
  3. BMLT(BSc. in Medical Lab Technology)
  4. MMLT(MSc. in Medical Lab Technology)

2. Radiography and Imaging Technology

Radiography and imaging technology is one of the most extended and preferred courses in paramedical sciences. In this course, the students are trained to work on various modalities and machines like CT Scan, PET Scan, X-Ray, MRI Scan etc. It can be considered that this course is one of the most demanding and job-providing courses in the paramedical sector. After gaining in-depth knowledge and skills through the courses you will get an opportunity to work in any public or private hospital and secure your life. The courses that you can pursue are mentioned below:

CRIT (Certificate in Radiography and Imaging Technology)

DRIT (Diploma in Radiography and Imaging Technology)

BRIT (BSc. in Radiography and Imaging Technology)

MRIT ( Radiography and Imaging Technology)

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Yoga Certificate Course

Certificate Course in Community Health

Certificate in Homeopathy Dispensing

Certificate Course in Ayurveda Therapy

3. Biotechnology

Bachelor and Master of Science in Biotechnology are 3 and 4-year undergraduate and postgraduate courses respectively that concentrate on molecular and applied biochemistry. The course provides in-depth knowledge and skills to students through various research projects. Students willing to pursue medical courses without NEET can get various opportunities to explore in different fields by pursuing:

BSc in Biotechnology

MSc. in Biotechnology

There are various other Courses available that candidates can pursue even without clearing the NEET exam and becoming part of a Medical Facility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which paramedical course has the highest salary?

There are various paramedical courses, the best BSc paramedical courses with high salaries are as follows: BSc in Medical Lab Technology, BSc. in Radiography and Imaging Technology and BSc. in Biotechnology.

2. What is the highest-paid paramedic job?

Paramedic consultant, Radiologist consultant, Food Inspector etc are some of the highest-paying jobs.

3. What type of paramedics get paid the most?

Paramedic supervisors, Defense paramedics, and paramedic nurses are the paramedics who are well-paid. 

4. Which is the best paramedical job?

MRI technician, Medical Lab technologist, X-ray technician etc are some of the best jobs in the paramedical sector.

5. What are the top 3 courses in paramedical?

MMLT, MRIT and BMLT are the top three paramedical courses.

6. Is BSc. or paramedical better?

Both have good scope, but comparatively Medical Lab Technology and BSc. in Radiography and Imaging Technology as demand for paramedical staff is the highest in the medical field. 

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