What Does Student Council Do?

The student council at a school represents the student population and serves as a conduit between the students and faculty. The council is led by a cabinet of elected officers with specific responsibilities. What Does a Student Council President Do? Besides representing all students at the school, the president of the student council represents the … Read more

Why Is Cheerleading Not a Sport?

Why Is Cheerleading Not a Sport?

There are many people who claim cheerleading is not a sport. There are many reasons for this, but essentially cheerleaders have not traditionally competed (this is of course changing rapidly), and many people do not consider routines a sport the same way football or basketball are. Is cheerleading a sport? Is it merely a pastime? … Read more

Cheer Stretches: Stretching Routines

Cheer Stretches

To perform jumps and stunts to the best of their abilities, cheerleaders need a great deal of flexibility. To prepare for specific skills, cheerleaders should focus on a few stretches in addition to a basic stretching routine. Lower-Body Stretches Cheerleading stunts and jumps require extreme lower-body flexibility, particularly in the hamstrings and groin. As you … Read more


10 Fun Icebreakers for Teens

The first step in forming a group is finding common ground, and you can do this with fun icebreakers for teens. Icebreakers are a great way for teenagers to introduce themselves, especially if they are self-conscious about speaking in front of others. Top Ten Icebreaker Games and Activities for Teens The following icebreaker activities for … Read more

Typical School Dress Codes

Typical School Dress Codes

In most middle and high schools, there is a dress code governing what students can and cannot wear. About 15 percent of American high schools and combined schools have strict dress codes requiring uniforms; however, other schools have many rules and regulations regarding clothing. School Appropriate Dress Includes Decency and Modesty In many school dress … Read more