Jobs With Good Pay for 16-Year-Olds

There is a lot of work involved in earning money as a teenager. Therefore, if they can find a job that pays a bit more than average, it is great.

If you’re a 16-year-old looking for a summer job or part-time job that can help you pay your car insurance or save for college, focus your job search on jobs that pay high wages.

What Is Good Pay?

In accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16-19-year-olds in the U.S. earn an average of $410. The average hourly wage is about $10.50. In order for a job to be considered good pay, it needs to be higher than the average.

The majority of 16-year-olds consider something that pays $11 or more per hour to be good pay, but there are a number of variables to consider. Variables include the location in the United States (i.e. California vs. Michigan) and the area (i.e. urban vs. rural).

The minimum wage in California is $11.00, while the minimum wage in Michigan is $9.25. You now know what you can expect from a few jobs.

Not Your Typical Nanny

You might consider spending your summer as a nanny if you love babysitting. reports that nannies earn an average hourly wage of $14.62. However, they are capable of earning as much as $19. Nannying is similar to babysitting in that your primary responsibility is taking care of the children.

In addition to feeding and clothing them, you will provide a stimulating environment for them. A nanny is also responsible for grocery shopping, taking kids to activities, and preparing food for them. In addition to picking up toys, you’ll make sure everything is clean.

Entry-Level Web Designer

It is possible to learn how to design a website at any age by taking a free online course or by trial and error. You might be able to start your career as a web designer in high school if you have a flair for web design.

The average pay for web designers is just over $18 per hour, according to PayScale. However, this can be lower if you are just starting out or working part-time. Additionally, contracts can be sporadic if you’re working on your own as a freelancer.

It may seem as if all you need to do is create websites, but there is a lot of color theory, design, and typography to consider. The website might also need to be maintained and updated by you.

Referee for Youth Sporting Events

There is a constant need for officiants for youth games like soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. These refs can make $14 an hour in 2018.

As well as checking gear and keeping track of event times, these individuals provide signals for infractions and judge performance.

Lifeguard at a Beach

Work as a lifeguard at a beach if you want to soak up the rays while earning some fat cash. Working seasonally, they can earn anywhere from $16-20 an hour while patrolling the beach, warning patrons about dangerous areas, and performing rescues.

However, the job can be dicey because you have to know how to use artificial respiration and other emergency measures if someone drowns. It is also necessary for you to be able to use a two-way radio and maintain emergency equipment.

High School Tutor

Are you able to get amazing grades? Do you rank at the top of your class? According to, you can earn $30-40 an hour helping some of your classmates. You will tutor high school students in subjects such as math and English.

As you typically work one hour a week or day, finding enough jobs to make this a lucrative career is difficult. You can also sign up for services if you don’t want to freelance.

Summer Golf Caddy

While carrying golf bags in a golf cart through 18 holes of golf might not seem like the ideal job, it can pay more than the average part-time job. A caddy earns about $100 for 18 holes, according to the New York Times.

According to Glassdoor, their salary is about $30,000. The amount can be higher, especially if tips are included. As well as handing out golf clubs, caddies offer advice on difficult shots as well.

Swim Instructor

At community centers and public swimming areas, swim instructors teach children and adults how to swim. These individuals teach infants to seniors how to hold their breath and how to swim strokes for about $11-18 an hour. Additionally, they help them overcome their fear of water.

General Laborer for Construction Site

If you prefer working with your hands, you might consider working as a general laborer at a construction site for $15 an hour. Due to your age, you will be limited in what you can accomplish. However, you can generally load and transport materials and operate hand tools. Under 18s are usually not allowed to operate heavy equipment.

Getting Paid

There are plenty of job options at 16, but finding one that pays more than minimum wage can be challenging. Over the summer or at your part-time job, you can make money with a little ingenuity and skill.

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