Finding Free High School Chemistry Help Online

We provide free online high school chemistry homework help to teens, so they can complete their assignments as soon as possible. You won’t have to wait for your teacher to answer questions if you know where to find the best homework help online.

Homework Help Websites

You can find plenty of HS Chemistry help online, including teacher websites, tutor chat rooms, and college websites. Take a look at all the resources available and choose one that looks professional and offers the assistance you require.

Khan Academy

Free subject-specific tutorials are available on a wide variety of chemistry topics at Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization. Choose from several lessons that will appear in a new window when you click the topic you need help with. 

There are times when the information is presented in text with images, and other times when it is presented in video. This section of the 2015 AP Chemistry test response section takes you through each question on the test and explains how to find the answer, which could be helpful for your homework.


To understand a complex topic, you sometimes just need a simple explanation. We can help you with a simple walk-through if you’re having trouble with a homework question about matter, atoms, the periodic table, elements, reactions, or biochemistry.

How Do I Solve It?

How Do I Solve It? is presented by Purdue University. We cover chemical equilibrium, kinetics, solutions, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and thermodynamics on our chemistry help page. There are step-by-step tutorials on making ICE charts and determining molar mass on the site. In every explanation, there will always be an example that would be similar to what you would find on your homework.

Get Chemistry Help

You can follow along with Dr. Kent as he explains basic high school and introductory college chemistry topics through videos on You can watch Dr. Kent walk you through solving a problem by choosing the topic and clicking on the “practice problems” section. To contact him, you can use the online form under the “Contact” tab.

The Cavalcade o’ Chemistry

Despite the weight of the subject, Mr. Guch offers a humorous perspective. Chemistry topics from graphing to polarity are explained in this site, which includes a chemistry dictionary. This is the perfect site to run through an explanation of a topic quickly and painlessly. There are explanations and diagrams included in the subject tutorials.

Socratic Chemistry Help

Socratic offers both website and app support for homework help in chemistry and other high school subjects. There are tutorials broken down by topic on the Socratic website in the chemistry section. The explanations for each topic include text and images. You can use the free Socratic app to take a picture of your homework question and get instant answers powered by Artificial Intelligence, including walk-throughs.

Chemistry Calculator App

MAP Development’s Chemistry Calculator is free to download and use on any device. Teenagers can use the app to find answers to basic operations, such as molar mass and mass percent composition. There is also a quick reference guide for all the elements included in the app.

Chemistry Pro 2019 App

Chemistry Pro 2019 offers a chemistry dictionary, fast facts about famous chemists, and a search function to help you find just what you’re looking for. One of the few online chemistry homework helpers that includes information about famous chemists.

Chemistry Help Live Chat

It isn’t always possible to solve your chemistry problems in one night. Visit student-friendly websites that are just right for high school students if you have ongoing thoughts or concerns about chemistry.

  • It’s easy to post a question to an open chat group like Chemical Forums if you need some help with a homework question.
  • To access Pro Quest, you must first obtain a user name and password from your teacher or school librarian. This website will respond quickly to your questions. You can even get research assistance from them.
  • There are groups on Reddit dedicated to helping students answer chemistry questions, like ChemHelp.
  • A chemistry channel is available on Brainly, a homework help forum that uses points as currency. Getting good answers to other questions or staying current in your account earns you points.

Chemistry Project Help Online

Do you have a chemistry project or a science paper to complete? Check out the following websites if you’re looking for these types of resources. If you are planning to conduct a chemistry experiment, be sure to ask an adult first. Isn’t it better to be safe than grounded?

  • The website Info Please has all the answers you need. Virtual chemistry labs can help you understand how certain reactions actually work. For your next chemistry project, it includes a glossary of common terms.
  • The book contains over 500 science fair project ideas, including chemistry experiments that may leave you wondering how some projects can be accomplished. You should try what looks fun and new to you.
  • Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab is a great place to learn about chemistry and get ideas for your next experiment or project. You and your younger siblings are welcome to play around and find inspiration in this light-hearted place. Take your goggles with you!
  • Chemistry experiments, virtual software, games, and lesson plans can all be found at Homeschooling Chemistry. You may find that some of the pages of this website inspire the kind of chemistry project you would like to complete.

Getting Homework Help

For homework help, your teacher is always the best person to ask, but they are not always available at home. You’ll be ready to use high school chemistry homework help apps, chats, videos, and websites at the start of the school year if you check them out at the beginning of the year.

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