10 Best English Tuition Centres In Singapore 2024

While many parents in Singapore believe that enrolling their child in any English tuition centre will automatically boost academic success, the truth is that not all centres are created equal. 

Choosing the right English tuition centre in Singapore can be a game-changer in your child’s educational journey. 

To assist parents in making this crucial decision, we’ve compiled a list of Singapore’s top English tuition centres. 

Each centre on this list has been evaluated for its unique approach to teaching, curriculum quality, and the overall impact on students’ learning and development in English. 

Let’s explore these exceptional centres that stand out in Singapore’s competitive English education landscape.

#1. Do Applied Learning

DO Applied Learning, a reliable English tuition centre in Singapore, offers a unique and effective approach to English education. 

This centre stands out with its promise of a “Pay-Only-If-Your-Child-Improves” guarantee, reflecting their confidence in the effectiveness of their teaching methods. They cater to primary and secondary school students, ensuring each child’s learning needs are met with a tailored approach.

Their curriculum is designed to improve grades and instil a deep understanding and love for the English language. This is achieved through a combination of experienced educators, a well-crafted curriculum, and an environment that encourages critical thinking and real-world application. 

Small class sizes ensure that each student receives personalised attention, allowing them to strengthen their skills and overcome specific challenges.

  • Website: https://doappliedlearning.com.sg/ 
  • Location: 86 Marine Parade Central, #04-302, Singapore 440086
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 12:00am – 10:00pm
  • Contact Details: 9105 0593 (Call) [email protected]  (Email)
  • Price: Free Diagnostic Consultation (Worth $150)

#2. AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader Learning Centre offers comprehensive English tuition services for various age groups, including pre-primary, primary, and secondary students. 

Their curriculum aligns with the latest MOE syllabus and includes innovative after-class learning resources like EverLoop, LessonTube, Basic Build-up, and access to previous-level resources. 

They provide a blend of regular weekly lessons, high-quality worksheets, and additional materials for thorough understanding. 

AGrader’s services are highly appreciated by parents and students, as evidenced by numerous positive testimonials. They also offer online lessons and strongly focus on interactive and engaging teaching methods.

  • Website: https://www.agrader.sg/ 
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Operating Hours: Each location varies
  • Contact Details: +65 9665 1713 (Call)
  • Price: Registration Fee: $35

                      Deposit: 1 month of the course fee per subject

                      Primary School English: $140 – $160 monthly (4 lessons)

                      Secondary School English: $170 – $180 monthly (4 lessons)

Best English Tuition Centres
Best English Tuition Centres

#3. The Thought Tailor

The Thought Tailor offers specialised English tuition services for students across various educational levels in Singapore. Their programs include primary, secondary, and General Paper (GP) tuition, each tailored to meet the specific needs of these student groups. 

The centre employs experienced MOE-trained teachers and boasts a curriculum supported by a dedicated research team. They emphasise a student-centric approach, offering personalised strategies and extensive support, including free consultations. 

The centre also provides flexibility with multiple physical and online classes. Their proven track record is highlighted by solid testimonials and a significant improvement in students’ English grades. 

  • Website: http://www.thethoughttailor.com/
  • Location: 2, 02-07 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
  • Operating Hours: Sat to Tue: 9:00am – 9:30pm
  • Contact Details: +65 8755 5837 (Call)
  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote

#4. English Tuition by MOE-trained teacher

Singapore English Tutor offers personalised English tuition for primary and secondary students in Singapore. The tuition is provided by Ms. Usha Thiyaga, an ex-MOE school teacher with over 16 years of experience in teaching English. 

Her methods include using a variety of tools such as current affairs articles, YouTube videos, mind maps, and grammar games to enrich and motivate students. The tuition service focuses on comprehension, composition, grammar, and vocabulary, tailored to each student’s needs. 

Ms. Thiyaga also prepares students for essential examinations like PSLE and O-levels, ensuring lessons are relevant to the MOE syllabus. Testimonials from past clients commend her effectiveness and commitment to student improvement. 

  • Website: https://singaporeenglishtutor.org/
  • Location: 512 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #10-2510 Block 512, Singapore 560512
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 10:00am – 10:00pm
  • Contact Details: +65 8611 0507 (Call)
  • Price: Primary Level: $50 – $55 per hour

                      Secondary Level: $60 – $65 per hour

#5. EduEdge English Specialists

EduEdge, highly acclaimed for its innovative teaching methods, is a premier choice for parents seeking exceptional English education for their children. 

EduEdge utilises a distinctive “Formula-Style” teaching method, simplifying the English language into easily understandable formulas. This method is designed to make learning English more systematic and practical, similar to learning Math or Science.

Their Total English Mastery System (TEMS) has been instrumental in helping students improve by at least 2-3 grades. TEMS focuses on developing core Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills, further divided into 32 sub-skills.

EduEdge offers specialised programmes for various educational levels, including primary, secondary and junior college. 

  • Website: https://eduedge.com.sg/ 
  • Location: 301 Serangoon Ave 2, Singapore 550301
  • Operating Hours: Mon, Fri: 3:00pm – 9:00pm

                            Wed: 4:00pm – 9:00pm

                            Sat, Sun: 9:00am – 6:00pm

  • Contact Details: +65 9797 6581 (Call)
  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote

#6. I Love Learning Achievement Center

I Love Learning Education Centre in Singapore offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to English tuition tailored to meet the diverse needs of students from early childhood to secondary school levels. 

The ILLAC Junior Programme, specifically designed for children aged 2-6, focuses on developing key executive functions such as working memory and mental flexibility. 

This programme is grounded in neurological research from Harvard University, ensuring that young learners enhance their love for learning and achieve outstanding academic results, with many scoring above 85% in English and Mathematics class tests​​.

For older students, the ILLAC Programme caters to primary and secondary school children aged 7-16. This program is about teaching vital academic skills in subjects like English and includes brain-priming activities that augment students’ learning abilities.

  • Website: https://www.ilovelearning.com.sg/
  • Location: 2 Venture Dr, #06-15 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Fri: 9:30am – 7:00pm

                            Sat to Sun: 8:30am – 6:00pm

  • Contact Details: +65 9711 8963 (Call)
  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote
English Tuition
English Tuition

#7. Phi Learning English

Phi Learning, distinguished as a top-tier English tuition centre in Singapore, offers a range of meticulously crafted programs to cater to students at different educational levels. 

​​At Phi Learning, the English tuition programs are designed to cater to a wide range of student needs, spanning from primary to secondary levels. 

For Primary 3 and 4 students, the focus is on advanced grammatical concepts and storytelling techniques to enhance language use and comprehension skills. 

As students progress to Primary 5 and 6, the curriculum becomes more robust, emphasising PSLE preparation, including advanced composition writing and comprehensive comprehension skills development. 

For Secondary 1 and 2, the program transitions students into new question formats and essay types appropriate for the secondary level, concentrating on building their comprehension and summary skills. 

  • Website: https://philearning.sg/
  • Location: 80 Marine Parade Rd, #09-03, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Fri: 3:00pm – 9:00pm

                            Sat, Sun: 9:00am – 7:00pm

  • Contact Details: +65 6284 1737 (Call) 

                                      +65 9436 2207 (WhatsApp)

                                       [email protected] (Email)

  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote

#8. SLC English & Chinese – Bishan Tuition Centre

SLC Education Group in Singapore offers a comprehensive English tuition program to enhance students’ language proficiency across various educational levels. Their approach is distinctive in its commitment to personalised learning and active engagement.

Parents endorse SLC’s teaching methods and have earned media features, reflecting the centre’s reputation for effective language instruction. 

Their approach includes a combination of gamified storytelling, pop culture-integrated study material, and personalised note-taking. SLC also offers a unique hybrid class model that accommodates physical and online tuition classes, catering to students’ logistical needs.

  • Website: https://www.slcedu.sg/
  • Location: 38 Jalan Pemimpin #03-07 M38, outside Marymount MRT Exit B, Singapore 577178
  • Operating Hours: Mon, Wed – Fri: 11am – 8pm 

                            Sat, Sun: 9am – pm

  • Contact Details: +65 9058 2091 (Phone)
  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote

#9. English Explorer

English Explorer is an exemplary English language school catering to a wide range of learners with its diverse and well-structured programs. They offer a range of courses suitable for all ages and proficiency levels. This includes Basic English for kids, PSLE English and GCE O level.

Each student receives individual attention, ensuring that the pace of learning is tailored to their understanding and needs. This approach has effectively improved students’ English grades, as noted by parents and students alike.

The teachers at English Explorer are highly qualified, with certifications like CELTA and TESOL. They include native English speakers and bilingual teachers, ensuring a high standard of teaching. 

  • Website: https://www.englishexplorer.com.sg/
  • Location: 137 Cecil St, #07-04, Singapore 069537
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Fri: 10am – 9pm

                            Sat, Sun: 10am – 5pm 

  • Contact Details: +65 9028 7560 (Call)
  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote

#10. eduSpace Yishun

EduSpace provides English tuition for lower and upper primary and lower and upper secondary school students. Their curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation in English for younger students, focusing on key concepts like grammar, reading comprehension, and basic composition writing skills. 

As students progress to upper primary and secondary levels, the emphasis shifts towards enhancing their reading comprehension and writing skills, preparing them for critical exams like the PSLE, O, and N levels. 

The program for upper secondary students is tailored to the rigours of the respective course syllabuses, focusing on national exam preparation.

The centre adopts a holistic approach to education, aiming not just for academic excellence but also for the overall development of students. 

This includes fostering a supportive learning environment and regularly updating parents about their child’s progress. EduSpace’s tutors are experienced and qualified, crucial in guiding and inspiring students.

  • Website: http://www.eduspace.co/
  • Location: 927 Yishun Central 1, #01-173, Singapore 760927
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Fri: 4:00pm – 9:30pm 
  • Contact Details: +65 9661 4167 (Call)
  • Price: We suggest requesting a quote

Conclusion About The Best English Tuition Centre In Singapore

Our carefully curated list features the best English tuition centres in Singapore, each renowned for its unique teaching methodologies, quality curriculum, and proven track record in enhancing students’ mastery of the English language. 

We encourage parents to contact these centres to find the perfect match for their child’s needs and learning style. By engaging with these top-tier institutions, you can take a significant step towards ensuring your child’s academic success in English.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best English Tuition Centre In Singapore

Are English Tuition Centers In Singapore Effective In Improving My Child’s English Skills?

English tuition centres in Singapore are known for their effectiveness in enhancing students’ English proficiency. 

They provide specialised guidance, personalised attention, and a structured curriculum that can significantly boost language skills. Many students experience improved grades and increased confidence in English after attending these centres.

How Much Does English Tuition In Singapore Typically Cost?

The cost of English tuition in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the tuition centre’s reputation, the tutors’ qualifications, and the centre’s location. 

On average, group tuition sessions can range from SGD 100 to SGD 250 per month, while one-on-one sessions may cost more. Some centres also offer package deals and discounts.

What Is The Ideal Class Size For English Tuition In Singapore?

The ideal class size for English tuition varies from student to student. Smaller class sizes, typically ranging from 5 to 15 students, allow for more personalised attention and interaction with the tutor. 

However, some students may benefit from the dynamics of larger classes. Choosing a class size that suits your child’s learning style and preferences is essential.

How Can I Choose The Right English Tuition Center For My Child In Singapore?

To choose the right English tuition centre, consider factors such as the centre’s reputation, tutors’ qualifications, class size, location, and reviews from other parents and students. 

Assessing your child’s specific needs and goals is essential to finding a centre that aligns with their learning style and objectives. Visiting the centre, talking to the tutors, and discussing your child’s requirements can help you make an informed decision.

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