Apple Music Replay 2023: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, there’s some good news for you: Replay 2023 is now available for download. A similar service to Spotify wrapped, Replay gives you the chance to look back at your music tastes in the past. The best part about this is that it is a great way to see what your favourite artists and songs really are, and to see how your tastes change over time as your taste evolves.

Additionally, with Spotify users getting to share their Wrapped playlists back in December, now Apple Music users can also share their latest music playlists with their friends and family. As a result, here is everything you need to know about Replay 2023 that you need to know.

What Is Apple Music Replay?

Similarly, if you’re familiar with Spotify’s Wrapped feature at the end of the year, which exhibits your most-played songs, artists, and genres for the year, then think of Apple Music Replay as a year-round version of the same basic concept.

Apple Music Replay is Apple’s own playlist of the top songs of the year, which is emailed to Apple Music subscribers each year prior to Christmas. Each Sunday, the playlist is updated to reflect your listening habits for the previous week based on your Apple Music subscription. As a result, by the end of the year, you will be able to get a complete picture of your listening habits.

How Does Apple Music Replay Work?

In addition to having some similarities with Spotify Wrapped, Replay has quite a few differences from Spotify Wrapped as well. As part of the Spotify wrapped service, you are given a fixed playlist of the top tracks of the past year, along with a review of the whole year. Unlike Replay, which updates every week throughout the year, Replay will update every day of the week.

There are a total of 100 songs in this playlist, so you won’t be able to see it until you have listened to this much music. Depending on how often you’ve listened to them, they’ll appear in ranked order according to how frequently you’ve listened to them.

You can access this playlist by going to the Apple Music Replay Website, or you can access it by clicking on the Listen Now tab in the Apple Music app. In addition to your top tracks, you can also view the top albums and artists you have listened to, as well as the amount of hours you have listened to them.

Does Apple Music Replay Change?

It is important to note that your Replay playlist and statistics will be updated every Sunday throughout the year. The feature makes it similar to Spotify’s On Repeat playlist, although it offers you a little bit more information along with the top songs that you can listen to. It allows you to keep track of how your playlist is shaping up and be able to check on it rather than allowing it to come as a surprise to you.

As soon as the year has ended, however, the playlist will be frozen so that you will be able to go back and look at what you listened to during that year and see what you enjoyed. As soon as you are done with this year’s playlist, you will start work on next year’s.

Does Apple Music Replay 2023 Count December?

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, which begins tracking the new year during the month of December the previous year, Apple Music Replay does not track the new year. Since your data is collected for each calendar year, it is easy to keep track of, since it is stored for each year of the calendar year. As a result, your 2023 playlist will be based on the activity you have been participating in between January 1st of this year and December 31st of this year in order to construct the playlist.

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